The throne of rock is vacant and this queen is adamant to claim her rightful place.

From the south of the Netherlands, Queen of Spades is an upcoming band that is bound to become a force to be reckoned with. Their music revolves around their queen, Peggy, who vows to pull the scene from its dormant state with her fiery voice. She will rule with an iron fist and a golden throat. Her four devout disciples commit their being to help her achieve this ambitious aspiration. The guitars are manned by Emilio and Melle, who combine their skill to create an array of riffs, ranging from skull crushing chugs to emotional picking that will lift your spirits. Nick is the smallest member of the band, but he has claimed the biggest guitar. With his bass, he creates thunderous sounds that add such depth to a song, we should warn those who are afraid of heights. And last but not least, the drums are dominated by Kane. This human metronome decides the tempo and keeps everyone in line. Their first full-length release, “Devil in Disguise”, consists of solid hard rock bangers with subtle hints of metal, combined with ballads that cause you to break down on the spot. After acquiring a taste for the experimental, the band is hungry for more. With new songs well on their way, they have strayed from the well-known path of hard rock and show influences of various genres. While still keeping in touch with their roots in classic rock, their affinity with genres such as metalcore, djent, hardcore, pop and progressive rock are much more prominent. Rock has been undeniably reinvented and who better to lead this transition than the Queen of Spades?